Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Web Design

That the internet has revolutionised how people (predominantly in the 1st world) interact with one another is now an accepted tautology. A website costs very little and allows an individual to create amazing connections with others. Web design is important. Search Engine Optimisation can replace a large marketing budget. Here are some particularly useful resources related to creating and publicising a website.

Domain Name Tools:

Setting up a Wordpress Blog. Gold:

Wordpress Plugins:

 SEO for Wordpress: Beginner WordPress SEO (Part 2): 9 Ways to Optimize Blogs for Search Engines

Copywriting Headlines:  

Copywriting Tips: Best Copywriting Tips of All Time

On Page SEO:

Online and Offline Marketing Thoughts:

Email Marketing:

Facebook for Photographers: Facebook for Photogs – 10 Ways to Generate Business

What is Pinterest:

When I create a new website, I usually use Wordpress now. After the install, there are a couple of steps to ensure that it's optimised:

Setting up Wordpress for SEO
  1. Change the Settings/Permalinks to /%postname% 
  2. In Settings/General change the web address from http://... to http://www....
  3. Delete the HelloDolly plugin. No idea why this is even pre-installed!
  4. Install the SEO Ultimate plugin; it's better than All in One SEO
  5. Install the Google XML Site Maps Plugin
  6. Install PushPress plugin
  7. Install a theme. Suffusion is the best free Wordpress Theme, InFocus is the best paid Premium Wordpress Theme
  8. (Optional) Install Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin
  9. (Optional) Install SEO Friendly Images Plugin
  10. (Optional) Install W3 Total Cache Plugin to speed things up (and therefore help SEO)
  11. (Optional) Install Google Analytics - best done later
  12. (Optional) Install Disqus Comments Plugin
  13. (Optional) Install Wordpress Mobile Edition - this is increasingly important
  14. (Optional) Install SexyBookmarks Plugin - helps people share content
  15. (Optional) Install WP Google Fonts - a design choice

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Looking Back: Facts from the last English Century.

I was reading through 'A Century of Change: Trends in UK statistics since 1900' available online at the UK government's website. A few things seemed interesting; take from it what you will.
We pay more at Retail and the buying power of the £ has decreased. But then we earn more.

Despite many more cars, deaths on the roads have decreased.

We haven't learned not to go to war.

There is either more crime, or the Police have got better at catching criminals. Probably both.

More people own the house they live in. This is due to 'credit' from mortgage arrangements and the Right to Buy from the 80s.

People used to be leaving England; now they are arriving. Overall population has continued to increase, but birth rates are down from about 3.5 children per completed family at the start of the Century to 1.7 at its end.
Cancer and circulatory deaths are more common. Why?